Uganda Health Center Project


The people living in Ibumba, Uganda – a remote village in the Kabale District – do not have access to proper health care.  They face the usual barriers common throughout Uganda where there is a low stock of medical supplies and, unfortunately, corruption is systemic.  Additionally, in Ibumba, there are more literal barriers.  The mountainous terrain separates the sick from the nearest hospitals and health centers, making it difficult to transport those in need to who could help.  Too many deaths, too many illnesses, they could be prevented if the people in Ibumba had easier access to even the most routine medical care.

Together we can find the solution.


Ibumba-Ohio Friends is a Ugandan NGO formed by the people in Ibumba to build a health center in their village.  The leaders of this organization have already made a costly donation to the project – the land where the center will sit.  What they ask from their friends in Ohio is more modest.

They need to raise roughly $85,000 to build the health center which is a small fraction of what a similar facility would cost here.  How you can help:  Church at Stony Hill is collecting donations to help build the health center.  This year, we hope to raise $20,000.

Together we can make this a reality by supplementing the efforts of rural Ugandans (Ibumba people) who freely donated the land to the project.  To completion this project requires roughly  $85,000.  Make your donation today.  Help us empower the Uganda rural community take responsibility of their own health through active participation in the management of their own local health services.


Church at Stony Hill & Fr. Dismas Byarugaba are collecting donations to help build the health center.  This year, we hope to raise $20,000.  Checks payable to Church at Stony Hill, 2756 Stony Hill Road, Medina, Ohio 4456.  Memo: Health Center Project.

You can also donate online HERE.


Thank you to everyone who has donated to and helped with this project. While the work in Ibumba is far from over, it is important to celebrate each step including the completion of the building.  Check out the photo progress of the project below.

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