Project Playground

Project Playground

UPDATE!! Not only have we met our $5000 goal thanks to your generosity but we have won the auction for the new playground! We are currently working on getting the new playground here, removing the old swing set, and leveling the ground. If you can help, please contact Sam Weisend at or call the office at 330-239-9858. Thank you!

The new school year has begun!  The new year has brought additional students along with an increasing number of children attending the church service.  The Stony Hill Christian School and the Church at Stony Hill are coming together to raise money to improve our playground. We have been blessed with help from the Boy Scouts and the staff at Stony Hill School to create and maintain the current playground area.  Now, we need to ensure that the play area continues to be a fun and safe environment for our kids!  With this goal in mind, we need to raise funds and complete renovations by the end of this school year (or sooner)!

We are planning several safety updates and modernization of the play equipment.  The success of this project rests entirely on our congregation, school families and the  community. We are confident that with the help and generosity our families, staff, and congregation we will make this project happen for our kids!


What Needs To Be Done?

-Ground needs to be leveled


-Metal bars removed

-Playhouse lowered to ground level

-NEW! Playground installed




We are raising money through a variety of fundraising opportunities. The following opportunities include

-Spaghetti Dinner and Bake Sale-Saturday Oct. 8th

-Fall Fest-Sunday Nov. 6th

-Second Saturdays at Stony Hill-Second Saturday of each month

-Christmas Ornament Sale-Through the Christmas Season


To make a donation online, please click HERE.

For more information on each individual event, please follow the link or contact Sam Weisend at or 330-239-9858



EVERYONE! This project and the fundraising events involved are a great opportunity to not only create the best playground space for our children but also for the congregation to get to know one another, meet the families and children attending our school, and invite friends and families along for the fun! Lets take the opportunity to not only accomplish our goal but expand our relationships and invite new faces into our church family. Lets make Stony Hill a place of community and inclusivity for everyone in our local area.



We have currently raised all the funds needed, meeting our $5000 goal. Thank you to everyone who has contributed. We appreciate your generosity!

Please be on the lookout for updates regarding Project Playground on this page, in our weekly email update, and during church announcements. If at anytime you have questions/comments/suggestions regarding the project please contact Sam Weisend at or 330-239-9858.


Thank you!