Gift Card Fundraiser

Did you know you can donate to Church at Stony Hill at NO EXTRA COST to you?


By buying gift cards at church on Sundays to places you go regularly for grocery shopping, clothes shopping, or for gifts, you can donate cash to Church at Stony Hill without spending an extra dime.


How Does It Work?

Lets say you budget for $100 dollars a week for groceries. You give $100 to Annette Barsal at Church on Sundays. The following Sunday she hands you a $100 gift card to the grocery store of your choice. Then you go grocery shopping. That’s it!


Then How Does Church at Stony Hill Make Money?

Through the CPO Gift Card Fundraising program, Church at Stony Hill gets a discount on gift cards. For example, if you buy that $100 Buehler’s gift card through our fundraiser, Church at Stony Hill only pays $98. The Church at Stony Hill keeps the extra $2 and you still get a gift card for the exact amount you paid for it, no extra money out of your pocket.


Does The Church Make The Same Amount of Money For Each Card?

No. The amount of money going to the church depends on the value of the card and the discount applicable, which is different depending on the company. Sometimes it is $1, sometimes $2, $5, $7, $10, etc.


What Cards Are Available?

To see the list of gift cards and values available , please click HERE. To see special order gift cards (these may take longer to receive) please click HERE.


How Do I Pay?

To pay for your cards, you can either bring cash, write a check, or pay online HERE. Cash and checks can be given to Annette Barzal at 11am service on Sunday’s or can be given to Sam Weisend at the office during the week. Please make checks out to Church at Stony Hill and write gift card in the memo.

If you choose to pay online, please fill out the online form below so we can make sure to get you the correct gift card.

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Which Gift Card Would You Like?


I Still Have Questions.

No Problem! Please feel free to email or call 330-239-9858 with any questions or concerns about the fundraiser. Or talk to Annette or Sam at church on Sundays.


This is a fantastic way to support Church at Stony Hill with no extra cost to the congregation. So far the total donations the church has received is $658.33. Those couple of dollars really add up!