Mission & Vision

mission-vision at stony hill

Mission Statement:

“To reflect the goodness of God to our generation by: ministering to the needy, creating space to experience God, offering hope to the disillusioned, working to build community and training future leaders.”

The Church at Stony hill offers opportunities for religious, spiritual, emotional growth and education over the lifespan in a non-denominational Christian setting.

Our mission is accomplished by promoting the teachings of Jesus through the following avenues:


  • Social justice and community service programming
  • Respect for the diversity of the world around us as evidenced by our actions and words
  • Support for others in need, both emotional and tangible
  • Character education for children and youth
  • Unique and insightful educational opportunities using the Bible as a valuable resource and guide

How We Do It:

  • Ongoing Ministries and Services
  • Youth & Children’s Groups
  • Men’s Breakfast Meetings
  • Women’s Fellowship
  • Special Events
  • Educational Programs for Adults & Children (i.e. Sunday school)
  • Community Outreach (Church Food Bank, collaboration with Medina Creative Housing and other organizations)