Frequently Asked Questions

What denomination is the Church at Stony Hill?
We are a non-denominational Christian church. Read our Pastor’s statement on this here.

What time are church services held?
Services are Sundays at 11:00am. Junior church is during the service.

How long is a typical church service?
Services are generally an hour and a half.

What is the dress code?
We prefer our members to be comfortable.

I’m afraid my children won’t be able to sit through the service. What should i do?
Children are welcome to attend our Junior Church during the message portion of the service. Junior Church is tailored for the children’s age.

As a visitor, will i feel pressured to join?
We always welcome new members, but certainly understand how difficult it is to look for a new church family. We want everyone to feel comfortable so we will ask you to fill out an information card if you are interested, but otherwise we just welcome you to our church!

What is the music like?
We are extremely proud of our music and musicians. Each service begins with music and incorporates uplifting music throughout the service. We celebrate Christ with all types of music and encourage you to sing along.

How would you describe your Pastor’s message?
Our church seeks to understand God through the teachings of Christ by using a father / mother metaphor. This shapes our view of the kind of support and nurturing we might get from God as we grow through the journey of our life. The Epistle of James speaks to the truth that faith without works is dead. When we put into practice through service any virtue, that trait is more likely to become a part of our character.

Do I have to have a Bible?
We do provide Bibles during the service if you would like to read the passages with us.

I am looking for a place to get married, do i have to be a member?
We do not require you to be a member. Contact the office at 330-239-9858 for more information.