The Lord’s Supper


Lord’s Supper

Please join us on the first Sunday of each month as we have the Lord’s Supper. After our regular service we will partake in a quiet time of reflection before we gather in the banquet room to break our fast and come together for a meal.

After Pastor Shannon Blower’s sermon, we will have a short time of silence where all will be welcomed to sit and reflect while our meal is being prepared. This time will be one of quiet thought, meditation, and musing of your own preference. Not sure about our ‘quiet time’? No worries, everyone is still welcome for the following meal.

This is a wonderful new tradition that will allow us as members and guests at the Church at Stony Hill to come together, bond, and have a good time as a congregation and a church family.

Our meal will be a potluck, so bring all of your favorites! As we intend to feed all who are staying for the meal, we ask that everyone considers contributing with a dish when they are able.